Fundamental principles of Spanish pronunciation.

The main focus of this workshop is to provide the basic pronunciation principles to anyone wishing to speak Spanish. The content is not geared to dazzle student with audio and videos of an advanced nature. It is a simple, yet effective, effort to teach the fundamental principles of Spanish pronunciation.

Understanding the relationship between the characters (letters) and the sounds they produce is a must for anyone wishing to understand and be understood in Spanish.

The workshop covers the 5 Spanish vowels, the consonants and the way they interact with one another. A quiz is also included at the end of the workshop.

SPECIAL OFFER:The first 50 students to sign up will receive a free one-hour on-line Skype or Zoom session with Cesar T. You will be able to, actually, practice what you have learned or ask questions to a real instructor...! You decide whether you take it before or after you complete the workshop.

Intended Audience: Students of Spanish - All Levels

Cesar Torreblanca